– How to Activate Your Amex Card? is online portal for Amex card confirmation provided by American express officially.

If you want to use your Amex card, firstly you need to confirm it then you have to activate the card with the help of online portal

American Express has named in the list of the worlds’ oldest financial institutions. Primary business of the American Express is AMEX cards, prepaid cards, credit cards and many more.

Here in this page we are going to let you know the information about American Express cards, americanexpress com confirmcard login and method to confirm American Express Card.

Read on the step by step process of our guidance on how to activate the American Express Card and how to confirm it.

American express, a financial corporation which is headquartered at three World Trade Center in the New York.

Today the active services of the American express in the financial sector are charge cards, credit cards, and travel cheques which all the world is presently enjoying.

The main services of the American express are providing services on american express credit card login as well as American Express credit cards at the online portal americanexpress.comconfirmcard.

About: American Express

American Express is was established in the year 1850 as one of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. It was set up by the consolidation of three companies Butterfield & Wasson, Livingston Fargo & Company.  At first, these companies were known as Western Express and Wells & Co. it was the sister concern of Livingston Fargo and company.

These are engaged in the fast transportation of species, products, and goods from city New York to the different location of the New York, these location included Buffalo and Midwest.

At initial days American Express was headed by the president Well and Fargo the secretary of Well. It was also not incorporated in the investor’s association.

American Express business took off at the American war end. At that time it had it’s 900 offices in the 10 states.

In the year 1866, American Express had strong competitor which was Merchants Union Express Company. For the two years they took participate in the cut throat competition. There was no win but financial loss listed so they decided to get merged and formed with name American Merchants Union Express.

Later in the year 1873 Fargo became the president of the company and renamed it American Express Company.

After the decease of the Fargo, in 1881 James Congdell Fargo became successor of American Company president. He was the younger brother of Fargo. In his tenure as a president he introduced several innovations which are given below.

  • American Express Travellers Cheque in 1891
  • opening of first office in Europe in Paris in 1895
  • opening office in England in 1896
  • opening office in Germany in 1898
  • opening offices in early 1900s in Brazil, Japan, Argentina, India, China and Egypt
  • American Express Money Order. To Confirm American Express (Amex) Card Online Steps

The question to arise in mind how to confirm AMEX card online is quite common. Follow the below steps and know how to confirm your American Express card without any issue.

  • At first go the home page in American Express online portal to confirm the AMEX card, which you can find with the link of the portal com/confirmcard.
  • In the home page of the American express, there will be instructions to be followed such as the card details.
  • Now you need to enter all the respective details at the appropriate places which are required in the official page.
  • Once you have filled the card details you need to tap on the button “Continue”.
  • This link will redirect you to the next page where “register a new account and login to your account In American Express” will be asked you to provide.
  • But if your account is already existed with the American Express, you can directly proceed to the american express login process at americanexpress-comconfirmcard.
  • But if you are not singed up with account you can visit to the official site com confirmcard.
  • In the new page of the Amex you need to enter the username as well as the password along with that you have to give the personal details as well.
  • Once you have completed to fill the account you need to tap on the button “Finish” now your AMEX credit card is confirmed. To Confirm AMEX Card on Phone

If you don’t know we are going to tell you that you can also confirm your AMEX card easily while using phone.  Here we are providing information how?

There is one of the possible solution for that is to call them and tell them to confirm the American Express Card. It is very easy and better option.

Here we are going to provide you the toll free number which is only for the American Express Card confirmation. And american express confirm card phone number is 1-800-362-6033.

This is the number, call it and get confirmation on the American Express (Amex) Card, they will provide step by step process and answer of your queries.

We suggest to use this method by using phone due to it is easier in comparison of any other options. Help to Confirm American Express Card?

Got stuck in process of doing the confirmation of American Express Card and looking for help, you can get help just by calling them and just by mailing them. Follow the details which we are providing below and take a help to get the services.

American Express customer service phone number: Here we are going to provide you phone number for the American Express card:

  • Domestic: 1‑800‑954‑0559
  • International: 1‑801-449-4019

The second method to contact them is via mail. You can contact them with by visiting the online portal Or you can join them on the Live chat.

Live chat with American Express at the official site by clicking on the link you can navigate to the official site of the American Express where you will get the option for the Live chat. Express Credit Cards

There are multiple varieties of American Express Credit Cards which offer wide range of the credit card consumers’ needs. Procedures are in the good numbers which will make good investing and good money gain.

This will provide the facility to the contributors in helping and advising while making the decision for financial issues.

Various types of credit information as well as activation the system in the credit card will help everyone who is interested in facilities account.

What is American Express Credit Card?

AMEX is well known credit card stands for American Express Credit Cards. All across the United States of America, AMEX is widely accepting figures to financial organisation.

AMEX consists visa card, MasterCard, and master card which are issued by financial institutions as banks but not by any incorporation.

These banks are beneficiaries of receiving interest with great amount. All of the processing will be done under banks. It is not done under the jurisdiction of credit card companies.

Amex card users or cardholders are authorised to issue American express card directly as well as these cards have no legal issues regarding the issuers of these credit cards.

The american express/confirmcard offered by American express credit cards which are the powerful credit cards but are only used mostly in United States of America.

American Express Credit Card: The Features

  • American express credit cards have many features such as rewards programs as well as points, so while opting for the American Express you need to be careful.
  • Once you have decided to purchase the American Express card, the information related the American express credit cards will be provided on the right corner of the official site
  • If you are the resident of the Europe and the North America and possessing the American express credit cards it will be quite beneficial.
  • Credit Cards is providing the unparalleled facilities like lower interest rates, customer services, and very attractive rewards points or programs.
  • You will find that these cards are accepted all across the location in United States of America widely.
  • They will offer great number of perks and rewards point.
  • With a wide range of the facility you will find that these cards are not only the credit cards but also be used for several offerings which are suited as per your needs in any platform such as over internet or at a local outlet.
  • This card provides the facility which makes accessing the services easily. You need only to fill the application, after that you will not face any problem with respect to the receiving the American express credit cards but for that you must have good credit.
  • You are going to enjoy the American express credit cards within small span of time.
  • There are many of other American Credit Cards which have no limitation for expenditure of course statement is not correct. The credit limit is earmarked in range around $3, 000 to $10,000 with some of other additional benefits of cards.
  • Additional of the money is $30 for one card, but if you want equal than or greater than 5, you are free to have that.
  • All these cards have the same restrictions and benefits similar to the original one.
  • The card’s limits change as per the financial needs or the spending exercises. It is not based on the rigid number as well as an arbitrary process.

American Express Credit Card: Varieties of American express cards

American express credit cards is possessing the varieties of cards on american express/confirmcard, mainly there are three types of the cards which are designed to keep the necessities of people in mind as per their monthly balances basis.

These are perfect match of the people who are suitable for monthly basis payments. One month to another month these credit cards are providing the options of card balances.

The partner cards are in even numbers which provide the chance that will earn the benefits from American Express’ partner companies.

These cards will be surely beneficial for them who take the variety of flexible terms and conditions in to account.

We are presenting the varieties of the credit cards below:

  • There is a blue card of American Express. This card is fit well for everyone. Guys if you are looking forward to get the information related the credit card balance transfer, you need to choose this type of card, and you will not repent on your decision.
  • This card provide the facility to allow you to make transaction on all of your excellent balances to the new account and it will charge low interest rate which is 4.99%.
  • Another one card is the business rewards gold card. And this card specializes in the meeting with the transactions in the business. It facilitate the business reward gold card which shows the goof reward point or program. One best thing is that there is no credit limits. And in the introductory period, it is on the top with zero APR.
  • Another name of American Express blue sky is Starwood preferred guest card. And this card has a feature of 5% cash rebate. And for six month it is topped with zero percent APR. Cash business card is providing the prime offer of 5% cash back on different articles like expenses of gas, utility services, office supplies, and many more. @ American Express (Amex) Credit Card Login


There are many more types of credit cards websites where you will get many more information on American express credit cards.


At americanexpresscom/confirmcardAmerican Credit Cards offer many kinds of the travel reward credit cards which are called the premium reward gold cards. There are the facilities of the cash back along with the rewards points on spending.

Those all were the reward points on credit cards which are going to predominate through American express cards all across the USA.


This was all about the americanexpresscom/confirmcard of the American Credit Cards. Through with you can go for the Amex card confirmation the facility provided by American express. Hope you like our effort to make the article easy.